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Thread: Lasercomb straightened my hair

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    Default Lasercomb straightened my hair

    I used the Hairmax lasercomb for about 3 years. Didn't know if it helped or not as no obvious results, but was afraid to stop because of the warning that hair would come out after stopping. However, my lovely curly hair became straight, an unexpected and undesirable result! Only realized this was from the lasercomb after I'd stopped using it and some waves & curls began returning. I believe the laser somehow affected the hair follicles that caused the straightening. After stopping the comb I assume the follicles were able to recover somewhat to cause the waves & some curls.

    Will never use this item again.

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    Default Hairmax and hair texture

    Hi Curleyhead -

    Thank you for your post.

    The HairMax LaserComb in no way affects the hair as far as making curly hair straighter. In the 12 years the HairMax has been on the market and from a large number of clinical trials, we have never had any reports of this kind.

    As you progress through life, you hair texture changes and this may be the cause for the change. This is a great link to an article about this phenomenon,

    The good news from your experience is that the HairMax LaserComb did stimulate the growth of your hair and we recommend that you continue to use the device to help maintain healthy hair.


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