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Thread: Minoxidil/Rogain & Hairmax Laser Comb Combination & Use

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    Question Minoxidil/Rogain & Hairmax Laser Comb Combination & Use

    Hi.. I have just got the Hairmax Laser Comb. I am already using minoxidil from last 3 months and the effects are very good. I have researched that combination of both can be awesome. My question is that when I have already seen the shedding period in the start of using minoxidil then still If i use laser comb, will i see the shedding again or not?? The new hair which came from minoxidil are thicker and stronger already.
    Also I want to know how to use the laser comb in between using the minoxidil two times a day. Is it must to wash hair if i have already applied minoxidil? because the minoxidil layer can block the laser to reach scalp?
    If after i am very satisfied by the results is it ok to disconnect using minoxidil and only use laser comb twice a week to just maintain what i have got?? I do not want to stay on minoxidil forever though it has given me great results in 3 months.

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    Default Hairmax lasercomb and minoxidil

    Hi Sam -

    Thank you for your post.

    If you have already shed hair with minoxidil, you should experience minimum or no shedding when you add the HairMax LaserComb to treatment.

    We suggest that you first apply the HairMax on those days that you will be using minoxidil (HairMax is 1 time, 3 times a week), then you can apply the minoxidil. By treating yourself this way, the follicles will be exposed to the laser energy, and subsequent application of minoxidil will not have to be washed off except during your normal shampooing.

    Once you feel you have achieved the results you are looking for, we suggest that you 'back off' the minoxidil slowly. That is, go to once a day use and see if any shedding occurs. If it does not, after a while you could try to discontinue minoxidil, but if excess shedding occurs, you would then have to go back to using it. It is important to realize that everyone reacts differently, so the only way to know if you can discontinue minoxidil is to see if no excess shedding occurs as you cut back or discontinue usage..

    We wish you success in your treatment with the HairMax LaserComb.


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