Hi.. I have just got the Hairmax Laser Comb. I am already using minoxidil from last 3 months and the effects are very good. I have researched that combination of both can be awesome. My question is that when I have already seen the shedding period in the start of using minoxidil then still If i use laser comb, will i see the shedding again or not?? The new hair which came from minoxidil are thicker and stronger already.
Also I want to know how to use the laser comb in between using the minoxidil two times a day. Is it must to wash hair if i have already applied minoxidil? because the minoxidil layer can block the laser to reach scalp?
If after i am very satisfied by the results is it ok to disconnect using minoxidil and only use laser comb twice a week to just maintain what i have got?? I do not want to stay on minoxidil forever though it has given me great results in 3 months.