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    I am a woman, later 40's, pre-menopausal & my birth sign is leo!!! Its all about my mane right? A lion can't go without her mane. Well I started losing my hair about 10 years ago. Painfully, slowly it got worse and worse. I've tried vitamins, dermatologist prescribed shampoos, minoxidil. The last one was the worst as it's hard to style with and made me gain weight!! Last thing I've been using is ovation hair therapy products and results were mixed before hairmax.

    Well, I was the most skeptical customer. I had very low hopes and marked my calendar for the week before I had to return this product I knew would not work so I could get my hard earned money back. It was my last resort before considering hair extentions or God forbid a wig.

    Not even 6 weeks later I'm sooooo happy! I have a long way to go but I've already made so much progress! In fact if it stayed where it is now, I'd be OK. Well sorry HairMax. You can keep my money as this is not going back for anything! I will post before and after pics when I reach the 120 day mark so you can see how much its changed. I've been taking pics every other week or so to make sure I'm not imagining things. Pics don't lie!

    I admit my results are better than expected. Wondering if it has to do with Ovation as it works on the hair follicles as well. This may be MY winning combination. Just had to share as I know how much I was suffering in terms of self esteem which was in the toilet. I hope each and every one of you has the same success I'm having. I'm a leo and I'm getting my mane back!

    I just wanted to add that I've used it meticulously as suggested!! I set an alarm on my cell phone so that every other day it goes off around 8:30pm. I have it plugged in next to my spot on the couch so when it goes off, I'm usually watching some TV by that time, I can easily grab it and do my 8-15 minutes before half my show is even over. The alarm has kept me on track because we all know how busy things get and trust me, many days it's gone off and I had completely forgotten about it. I'm even taking it on vacation with me as I'm afraid to miss any sessions. This is just too good to screw up now. Good luck ladies and thank you HairMax!!!
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