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Thread: Time of use and laser attention

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    Default Time of use and laser attention

    Hello! i purchased a Lasercomb Lux 9 and i'm using it since 2 weeks and half. I would like to ask some informations:

    1_ I have to use Hairmax 3 times per week. It's Ok i'm doing in Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday . This mean i have to stop Sunday and Monday and then start on Tuesday again, it is right? or should i go on every other day without stop for 2 days to have always the same days of treatment?

    2_I'm using 14-15 minutes sometimes, or should i use maximum for the 11min recommended for the Lux 9? i would like to apply to entire the head and insist on my temples and top...maybe two three times. Is it ok to apply more times on the same areas?

    3_Cause when i'm doing the treatment i'm in front of the mirror, is it dangerous to look the red light NOT DIRECTLY, of course, but that one is reflected by the skin of my forehead/temples??

    Thank you soo much.
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