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Thread: Has anyone used revivogen and hairmax?

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    Default Has anyone used revivogen and hairmax?

    hi everyone and LAS,

    As the thread says, has anyone used revivogen and hairmax together and produced good results?

    LAS operator, what are your thoughts on it? Thanks

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    Default Hairmax concommitant treatment

    Hi JasonTan 81 -

    Thank you for your post.

    In answer to your question, I think that using Revivogen in combination with HairMax LaserComb treatment is an excellent idea. That product has lots of 'natural' ingredients that they say blocks DHT and 4AR, so to me that is a good product to help enhance results with the HairMax. While the HairMax has been proven to work alone, the results can be enhanced with the addition of other products such as Revivogen. However, I always caution men and women with hair loss, not go 'crazy' by adding all sorts of products to their treatment, and only choose those other ones that make sense such as Revivogen and a good vitamin and mineral supplement designed for fortifying hair.

    We wish you success in your treatment.


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