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Thread: What is the difference between the two hairmax shampoos?

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    Default What is the difference between the two hairmax shampoos?

    What is the difference between Hairmax Revitalizing Conditioner and the one that comes with the box set Hairmax Density Conditioner?
    also is there DHT blockers in any of these conditioners?

    Thank you
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    Hi David -

    Thank you for your post.

    We do not carry a Revitalizing Conditioner. Currently we are offering one type of Conditioner which is part of our Density Collection bundle. The Density Conditioner is sulfate free and is formulated to hydrate and restore the hair. DHT Blockers are contained in the Density Shampoo.

    The Revitalizer is a separate product found in our density collection bundle and this product is designed to deeply cleanse and exfoliates the scalp.

    I hope that this answers your question.


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