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Thread: Is the laser comb professional 12 any good?

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    Default Is the laser comb professional 12 any good?

    Hi Folks

    I have recently bought the laser comb professional 12 and started using it last week. On average how many weeks/months would I need to wait before seeing any signs of hair growth?


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    Default Hairmax lasercomb efficacy

    Hi Geek 84 -

    Thank you for your post -

    First off in answer to your question as to whether the HairMax Professional 12 is "any good", our devices have been used by over 1 million people world-wide, so there is a large body of users who have had success in using the devices.

    Secondly, it takes at least 12 - 16 weeks to see results, but we recommend that the HairMax laser devices be used for at least 20 weeks to judge results. That is why we have a 20 week money back guarantee (less a 20% restocking charge) if you buy the devices directly from us.

    We hope that you will use the HairMax Pro 12 as directed for the time period given above to results, and we wish you success in your treatment.


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