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Thread: Laserband 82 v Laser cap

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    Default Laserband 82 v Laser cap

    I am confused why does the Laserband 82 have to be used for 90 seconds when it has 82 lasers and the cap which has 272 lasers has to be used to 15 minutes.

    Could a company official please advise? Would be very interested to know.

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    Default Hairmax laser devices

    Hi axil23 -

    Thank you for your post.

    The reason for the different times is that the lasers used for the LaserBand and the LaserCap are different with the LaserCap lasers having less individual intensity, and therefore to get the proper dose of laser energy, the time of treatment varies as you have pointed out.

    We wish you success in your treatment with the HairMax.


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