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Thread: Seeing some improvement after 4 months

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    Default Seeing some improvement after 4 months

    I have been using the hairmax 9 comb for 4 and a half months now. I have definitely seen some improvement. First of all, I have some hair, but it is thin, wispy and see through, especially on the top and crown. After only a couple of weeks of use I noticed the wispy hair standing up straighter as if it had a stronger root. Now, after 4 months, that thin wispy hair seems to be growing stronger and longer. Before it was barely growing. All of my existing hair now looks stronger and healthier. The exciting thing now is that I can see quite a bit of new hair sprouting. I say new because my pre-existing hair is cut by the barber to approximately 3 inches. But I see many small hairs about 1/4 inch long throughout my hair. Don’t get me wrong - my hair is still thin and see-through, but it appears to be slowly thickening. I’m hoping this is just the beginning of the new hair growth phase. I think I’m in the “sweet spot” right now. I’ll update this post later.

    4 1/2 months
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