I'm a 23 year old woman who has been using the lasercomb for one year. My hair had started thinning dramatically the year before due to genetics. The lasercomb has been the only treatment that I have used along with Nizoral shampoo occaisonally and iron tablets once in awhile. The health of my hair has improved a lot. My family and friends keep telling me my hair looks great, it looks much better than before. Some of my hair might have grown back, but because my hair was super thick before it thinned, it's hard for me to tell. At any rate, my hair might not be what it was before it started to fall but no one can tell that I have had a problem with my hair now. It looks normal. My part line has shrunk so much. Even when my hair is wet it doesn't look bad. I was so hesitant to try Rogaine and now it looks like I won't need to. I use the lasercomb every other day, after I wash my hair, so about 3-4 times a week. My scalp feels really good when I use it as well. The lasercomb has stopped my hair loss, dramatically improved my hair and may be responsible for some regrowth as well.