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    I am going on my 5th week. In the beginning, it was amazing how shiny and healthy my hair looked. Right now, however, I am going through a bad shedding phase because I had to stop using minox (bad systemic side effects) about 3 months ago. I'm sure that's why my hair looks bad and not because of the lasercomb.

    Here are my questions:

    1) I still have a decent amount of hair and find that it takes me much longer than 5 to 10 minutes. It's more like 45 minutes. Actually, I have my room-mate do it for me because I find it's too difficult to manage myself. She begins at the bottom/back and works up to the top. She holds it for 5 secs then brushes it through. Is this too long?

    2) I know someone else asks this question already, but where are all the women who are having success with it? I was really lucky with 2%minox as in 5 short months it regrew almost all of my hair. I am still in the early stages of hairloss (2yrs this week) and would love to hear from other young (30) women like me.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Thanks for your posting.

    1) 45 minutes is too long, 15 minutes should be maximum.
    2) Many of the women whom have had success post on this forum.


    Lexington International LLC

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    thanks for responding. please tell me what i am doing wrong. i start at the bottom/back, and go left to right, working upwards. first i place the comb on the scalp, hold it there for 5 secs and then brush out. work my way across the scalp and then go back for a second pass. this takes 45mins. by taking this long, does this mean that i will experience negative side effects (ie, more hairloss, or not respond well)?

    also, if i continue to use it 3x a week, is this really a bad thing? at least until it gets better.



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    Why did you stop the Minoxidil? If it helped I mean? I used it for awhile and it seemed to make my hair worse and more hair fell out.

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    Perhaps you are concentrating on covering scalp with only the thin width odf the laser in mind. Remember that the beam also has length, and it covers inches. And what is it you do when you comb through? I have no such instructions.

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