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    Anonymous Guest

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    Does the euro adapter that comes with the comb for use in europe cater for and convert the 240v in the U.K or do you need a special adapter to convert the voltage to 220v?

    With such a delicate appliance I feel this is an important question.

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    Anonymous Guest

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    The Euro adapter is a 2 round pin adapter suitable for use in the UK.

    You will need a UK 3 flat pin adapter. These are avaible at any Boots or other gerneral store for about 4 pounds.

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    David Guest

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    Can't you just use the front prong on a spare 3 prong UK plug inserted slightly in the front prong opening in the socket (but inverted so it's rear two prongs are away from the socket), then insert the two pronged UK adapter supplied with the Laser comb into the two available ports on the socket? If you see what I mean?

    Surely this is just the same as using a two prong to three prong converter?

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    Anonymous Guest

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    Hi David,

    If it works, it will work. It may be easier to pick up an inexpensive Uk 3 prong to Euro 2 Prong adapter at the local Boots store.


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