Tuesday, June 25, 2002 5:20 PM (NEW!)


After 6 months of using the Lasercomb as a complementary treatment to supplement my 5% Minox/Spiro/Folligen/Propecia regimen I can report that my hair looks much fuller, thicker, and healthier than it did 6 months ago. My hairstylist told me last week that she now thinks that I don't even look like I'm suffering from hair loss. I know better, but I'm not going to argue with her. If she say's that my thinning is not readily apparent to her, then it probably isn't for most people either. Wearing my hair short and tight also helps create the illusion of "more hair".

I am not certain how much the Lasercomb has contributed to the obvious effectiveness of my regimen over the last 6 months, but I am definitely certain that it has somehow enhanced the effectiveness of my topical treatments. I now have diffuse growth of lighter hairs all over my scalp, and behind my frontal hairline I have watched as fine new hairs are getting thicker and darker. One problem area that I had been reporting on in my other updates near my crown no longer seems to be much of a problem...this formerly sparse and damaged area has responded excellently to my regimen and I now have something to work with due to regrowth resulting in mature dark hairs in that area.

Of course there are a few areas where I have not seen any noticeable improvement since I began using the Lasercomb, but neither have I seen any regression in these areas either. Overall I am very pleased with my results.

However, my current opinion is that for some users the Lasercomb may be an excellent complementary treatment for those looking to enhance the effectiveness of an intelligent topical regimen. I personally believe that I would not have experienced the positive results I have if I wasn't using the Lasercomb consistently for 6 months along with my regimen. I have felt over the last year that I had "hit the wall" as far as gaining further improvement with my treatments...the addition of the Lasercomb seems to have helped me "break-thru" to a new level.
It **MAY** be ultimately proven to work on it's own, but for now my personal recommendation is that it should be used to complement an intelligent hair loss regimen. I should point out that David Micheals of Lexington International would respectfully disagree with my assessment by saying that my results show that the Lasercomb is an effective product. Lexington believes that the Lasercomb is an effective stand-alone treatment.

More updates to follow until my 12 month update when I will give my final appraisal of this product. If any of you out there think that you can properly evaluate the effectiveness of a treatment, ANY treatment, before 9-12 months you are truly fooling yourself. The 6 month mark should be the first milestone in evaluating a hair loss treatment because it should tell you if the results, if any, you may have seen at month 3 have matured or regressed.