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    My hair looks perfectly thick and full when dry but looks thin when wet, not to mention scalp shows. This might be a dumb question but if I use the Laser Comb would it also give my hair a thicker appearance when wet? I love to use gel.

    I have come close on several occasions of buying the comb. There are just a few things that have held me back. For one, I am waiting on the FDA approval. I have heard some sources (such as an article in the Los Angeles Times) comparing the Laser Comb treatement to having a cow lick your head (supposely cows have epidermal cells on their tounges that make hair grow). I also saw the positive results with the NBC "Follicle Five" which had some nice things to say about the comb. Looking at some posts in different chat forums the satisfaction of the laser comb has also been mixed.

    The other issue to consider is paying $600 dollars (or $400 dollars for the mini-comb). To me that is a lot of money for something that isnt even a 100% sure deal. I understand there is a money back guarantee but if i buy a product i would like to stick behind that product 100% no matter what. There is always the hope that the product might work after its warranty.

    In conclusion, I think hairmax is a very honest company, you make no promises in your advertisement and I have heard a lot of positive things about the company integrity wise. Realistically, my research from several respectable sources has led me to believe that there is no miracle treatment for hair growth (unless it is spending thousands on a hair-transplant) and that only hair maintenance should be expected. Untill the FDA approval comes around stating the comb regrows or thickens hair, I just cant force myself to spend $400 for something that isnt a sure deal.

    Once again thank you for answering all questions and keep up the great customer service.

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    Dear "Unregistered" User,

    Hello and thank you for your post and your compliments on our company. As you stated we are a very loyal and honorable company. We truly believe in ethics, moral, and exceptional customer service.

    First, I would like to address your question in regards to WET hair. Quite honestly, when testing our product our patients have had dry hair, because that is the only way to truly assess the thickness in ones hair. If you think about it, everyone's hair appears thinner wet, then when dry. The only way to gauge true benefits with our product is with dry hair.

    We are not aware of any scientific evidence or clinical studies that support "the cow lick". Unbelievable the stuff you read sometimes! What you saw on Dateline NBC is REAL!!!! They conducted their own experiment using 5 men using 5 different hair growth products. They did a 6 month review, and than another follow up at the 1 year mark. On both reviews, other than the gentlemen who had the transplant, our product clearly had the best results. Seeing is believing! Please note: This is one of several independent studies that have been performed on our product and the results continue to be outstanding.

    In regards to FDA, we already have FDA medical regrowth licenses in 2 other countries. If you read under the recent post "clinical trial update" you will see the status with our studies. We are very, very hopeful we are going to get it. In the meantime, even products and/or medications that are approved through FDA are not guaranteed they will work 100%, 100% of the time.

    We offer you the most lenient money-back guarantee in the industry (less a 15% restocking fee) , so you see you're not throwing away your money, you're doing something about your hair condition and the sooner you start, the better your chances are at responding to our LaserComb treatment.

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