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Thread: Does this product grow hair or not?

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    Question Does this product grow hair or not?

    I am female, mid 40' s with AGA. Crown of head is thin. I do not want to use Rogaine or any drugs, if need be, I would get a transplant. For now, I would definately shell out $500+ (though that does seem quite high) for the laser comb since it has a money back guarantee. As for the answer to the question, it just seems all you get is the run around on this site, vague answers to the hair growing question. So I want to know, has ANYONE had ANY hair growth with this?/ $500+ is an awful lot of money to pay for "healthy,better looking ,feeling" whatever hair........Thank You

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    Default The million dollar question......................

    Dear "Unregistered" User,

    Hello and thank you for your post. On this threadboard you will see many users post up their very own before and after shots and discuss their testimonials of their experience with the LaserComb. You will also read from many of our users the results they have been able to achieve with our product.

    We now have 2 LaserCombs on the market. Our premium HairMax LaserComb comes with a 20 week money-back guarantee (less a 15% restocking fee) and a 2 year warranty and our newest edition, the HairMax SE which offers you a 12 week money-back guarantee (less a 15% restocking fee) and a 1 year warranty at a more affordable price, $395.00. Both models are quality units and offer payment plan options to make it even more affordable. We offer you the most lenient money back guarantee in the market. That itself should reassure you. Honestly, what do you have to loose except more hair?

    Please see our post called "Clinical Trial Update" & "Lexington's Response to FDA Submission Inquries", for the status of our FDA.

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    Default it is not a lot of money

    for $700 it will last 15 years
    my pills cost $275 a month
    and I only make $15h if this works
    for me I could save big

    herbs are expencive thier is

    L-tauring (that helps inflammatoin of the hair)

    Ecg (green tea extract that is a 5 alpha reductase inhibitor)

    emu oil (thickens dermis and enlarges hair follicles)

    grape seed extact (repairs collagen fibers in the scalp)

    L-lysine (increase in scalp hair growth)
    and the list is long

    the Nisim hair growth product that I dont want to use any more
    I hope this laser thing works well as nisim it costs me $120 a month

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