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    Default 1 year +....the REAL deal!

    I started losing hair when i was about 18. I started to lose its pigment and i thought nothing of it. Then it got a bit worse, more round the frontal area. So I made an apointment to go see Dr Jennifer Martinyk, a world class hair surgeron/expert. She presribed 1.25 mg proscar daily for me without hesitation.

    I was all up for it, but my mum made me look it up on the internet and all the posts of men with erectile dysfunction and loss of libido got me scared and i decided not to proceed with it. Big mistake!

    So a few months later after it got a bit worse I bought the Hair Max Laser Comb with great expectation. I used it about 3 times a week for about 20 mins or so. At first I thought it was working and maybe it was a little. But about 7 months into it my hair was really bad and when I took a photo on the top of my head I could see a horseshow!

    So on my 20th birthday I started my new regimen...
    - 2mls Minoxidil daily
    - 1.25 mg Proscar daily (finasteride)
    - Hair max laser comb 30mins, 2 times a week

    6 months into this and my results are stunning!! The back has thickened up alot and the rest of my hair is alot fuller, thicker and healthy looking. The front is slowly getting there. All the hairs that had lost their pigment and were about to fall out have now turned brown again and slowly getting thicker and thicker! Many people have commented on how good it looks now. (I used to have a thick curly hair).

    Hopefully in another 6 months most of it should be back. If it isnt up to my standards then i will consider a hair transplant, which is the only long term option.

    Why does my regiment work you ask?? The proscar stops the DHT which is the cause of your hair loss and the minoxidil/lasercomb stimulate new hair growth. Any hesitation on proscar side effects should be put to rest. In clinical studies, erectile dysfunction was about 1.3% in the placebo and about 1.7% in the proscar patients.

    I will try and get some pictures up soon

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    so the conclusion is: de lasercomb didn't work on itself for you.

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    Default Proscar side effects

    I am 28 years old and I used Proscar for two months. I stopped because of side effects: serious libido decrease. So it can happen.

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