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Thread: My barber was amazed!

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    Greg Guest

    Default My barber was amazed!

    Tommorow, (7/17/02) will mark a month since I received my Lasercomb. I've been following the instructions and was quite pleased to hear some of the comments of my barber today! I must mention here that I am not using any other treatment other than the lasercomb. I have fine hair and it's gotten alot more wispier as it has been thinning. It has been receding at the temples and also at the crown. I asked my barber today as he was cutting my hair, if he noticed anything different about my hair. I wasn't really expecting his reaction and comments at all! As he looked he mentioned that it appeared that I had less gray hairs then he corrected himself and said that it appears that my hair has more body and is thicker than when I saw him for my last haircut (about 2 months ago). It was then that I mentioned to him that I had purchased the lasercomb and had been using it for about a month. He asked me if I had changed shampoos or had done something different with my hair since my last cut. Nothing had changed except for my use of the lasercomb. He then commented that he was seeing new hair growth in the crown area and in various areas including my temples! I was totally caught by surprise!!! He's eager to see if these results will continue. Well, you can bet that I'll keep him current on how things are going with my hair.

    DM, could I get some brochures to give my barber and other interested friends? I'd sure appreciate it as would they! My barber was amazed at the new growth specifically in the crown area and my temples.


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    Anonymous Guest

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    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for your great and encouraging posting.

    Some people (me included) responding extremely well and very fast to the laser energy. Long term you will see incredible results.

    Please call our office toll free at 1866 527 3726 so we could mail you some brochures.



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    Anonymous Guest

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    Just wondering your age group. After reading many of the posts on this forum, it seems to work well on mostly the 40+ group after the 4 month mark. Then again, I really have not read that many testimonies that have assesed the product after a year. I recently just ordered the comb, am in the 20-25 year old range, and have been experiencing hair loss that seemed to start after i died my hair blond at age 18. I think that my scalp may have been damaged, but i am going to take saw pametto as well. I hope that this works out for both of us long term. I think it will take a year to see if any of the hairs grown back will continue to grow.

    glad to hear positive results

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    Greg Guest

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    Hi Ben. I'm 38 and already at the month mark my wife, barber and others are noticing a change for the better. Congrats on ordering the comb! Keep us updated about how you're doing.


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    mike Guest

    Default Re: My barber was amazed!

    Dear Greg please let me know how the lazer comb is working for you. I started to lose my hair at 27. I am now 45years old. I want to try the lazer comb. So please let me know how it is working for you. I sure will appreciate your reply. I hope this works. YOURS TRULY Mike

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