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    Dear David,
    Although, I am skeptical about the lasercomb as a stand alone, I do believe the lasercomb may have some benefit when added to a medical regimen.
    I would be interested in trying the lasercomb but only if the return policy was extended to 6 months. Below I have included the steps used in the
    12 month program offered at many clinics. Do you think the lasercomb would be more effective if you used some of these cleaners, shampoos, conditioners and activator solutions? Has the lasercomb ever been tested using this kind of program? I am aware that the lasercomb does not contain as many lasers as the clinic laser hood. It seems if the laser hood (with more lasers) would need to use this type of program to grow hair that this type of program would be essential for the lasercomb. Does the lasercomb use a class IIIa laser? Thanks in advance for your response.


    Laser Hair Program
    What is it?
    A 12-month program clinically proven system to rejuvenate hair growth in more than 90 percent of the people who follow it.
     Helps reactivate hair
     Thickens thinning hair
     Treats male pattern baldness in both men and women

    How does the Laser Hair Program work?
    The Laser Hair Program involves a 4 step process to take control of your hair loss and regrow your lost hair. The 12-month program is clinically proven to rejuvenate hair growth in more than 90% of the people who follow it.

    Step One: Live Enzyme Cleaner - Pharmaceutical grade, highly activated enzymes, to deep clean scalp pores. Removes nutrient clogging oils, sebum, fats, grease and harmful detergents from previous hair care products and DHT products.

    Step Two: Equalizing Detoxifying Shampoo and Conditioner - Containing naturally occurring Niacin and Methyl Nicotinate to increase scalp blood flow, providing vital growth related nutrients to the hair follicles. Provides a healthy environment for hair regrowth. Restores and protects the hair shaft. Protects against hair loss as well as promotes growth of healthy thick hair.

    Step Three: Topical Activator Solution - Stimulates the hair growth process. Removes the clogging nutrient choking DHT buildup from the hair follicle to allow new hair regrowth. Contains topical minoxidil, a medically proven stimulator of new hair growth.

    Step Four: Laser Hair Therapy - Safe Class IIIA cosmetic laser system. Penetrates deeply into the dermal and epidermal layers of the scalp and hair follicles, stimulating blood flow. Increases bioaugmentation and cellular synthesis. Removing harmful growth blocking DHT induced debris from the hair follicles. Twenty treatments throughout the 12 month program.

    Are there any other things I can do to help?
    Yes. Also included in the program is a chlorine shower filter. Inhalation of chlorine gases during showering can have significant detrimental effects on the human body and hair growth. Our filter effectively removes chlorine from the shower water for one year.

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    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for your informative posting.

    One aspect you have not outlined is the cost the clinic charges for Laser treatment and the prices for all the items they are trying to sell.

    Beam for beam we are at par with the Laser hood. So they have 15 or 30 beam that covers the whole head. We have 8 in a much more concentrated area. The major advantage the LaserComb has over the hood is that the LaserComb has teeth to plow the hair so the laser can directly bathe the hair follicle.

    Our guarantee policy is 3 months with a possible extension of 2 additional months.

    It is our position that the LaserComb is a stand-alone treatment. I personally use only laser and have had great results. Now going on to my 3rd years.

    However, there are not any contraindications between the laser and other products. So the LaserComb could be main modality in any hair regime.

    The products highlighted are good products. Although we do not believe they are necessary but they may be helpful.

    Good luck,


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    Default Re: laser clinic program

    Do you know of any of these types of clinics in the NY area?

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    Dear Bill,

    I too, visited one of the "hair loss" centers. I'm in Michigan. The name of the products they used were Harmonix. Their toll-free number is 888/446-3747. Look on the left side of their home page and scroll down to where it says "contact us." I called to ask if they would sell to individuals and they were going to fax me a list of salons or individual prices, but didn't. I'll call them back. If you feel better using great products and the laser comb, do it! I'm sure you will have great results. We just need to find where we can get the chlorine filter shower head. Let me know if you find one.

    I also got an email from another "user" of the laser comb who has been using "regenecor" products she received from one of these clinics, but said there were no results until she used the laser comb.

    I had asked the folks at the "center" why Kevis wasn't giving me great results. They said that topical solutions just can't get deep enough like the laser. I'm ordering mine tomorrow...

    Keep in touch,


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    Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for the harmonix corporation link. I don't know how long its been
    since you visited their web site, but they now sell the chlorine shower filter.
    Let me know if they send you the price list and the price of the shower filter. I am also going to try the laser comb, but still skeptical.


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