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    Hi, I notice that there are several people out there responding to these posts who obviously know alot about hairloss treatments and there results. I have recently noticed that my hair is starting to thin and my hair line is migrating upward. I have very thick hair and hope that if I get an early jump on this I could save my hair. I am asking for some help and advice from who ever can give me some tips. I am recently taking propecia and dont know if it is really working yet. I am also thinking about getting the hairmax. I have heard about spironolactone, which I believe is used for water retention and wonder how this works and what the results are and were I could get some. I also have heard about retin-a and wonder the same thing about it. I appreciate any help, and thank you in advance. spade

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    stick with the propecia if you don't have any side affects and add a growth stimulater like minox/laser. not sure how good laser works with propecia, but if DHT is being blocked by the propecia then the results you get with the laser probly won't dissapear like mine did (thanks DHT).

    you can tell if DHT is the prob if the hairs that fall out have black bulbs. unfortunatley alot of mine have these and i need to stop the DHT or all this other crap i'm wasting money on is useless.

    another option for you might be to just get a micro-graft transplant from someone who knows what they are doing. it may be expensive (probly $2000+) but the results you get are better looking than what you get if you spend $2000 on hair loss drugs, topicals, etc. so it pays off over time.

    At your stage just try and prevent it though, no need for a transplant if you can stop it before it is too noticable. good luck!

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    for anyone wondering who i was talkin about "who knows what they are doing" i was refering to someone like dr woods or maybe dr bernstien. And I meant $20000+ instead of $2000+.

    just stick with finasteride and minox/ laser for now and if that doesn't work after a year, and you are over 30, then i would consider a tranplant .

    just my .02.

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    I suffered from TE and bought the lasercomb, but I guess the lasercomb works better for AA.

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