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    Well, it has been 6 month since I have started to use a laser comb. I don't know if it's a result of a laser comb or the other treatments that I'm using, but my hair does looks and feels fuller, thicker and my partings are defenitly looks normal. Not so fortunate in the front though, that's where I'm experiensing most of the hair loss, but as fur as I know that's the most difficult area to treat. I'm definitely will keep using this product. It's obviously doesn't do anything bad to my hair.

    Good luck to you all.

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    Hi Karina,

    Thanks for your posting.

    We are glad to hear that your happy with the LaserComb. When you comment that your partings look normal. Can you please elaborate on this. Do you mean that you hair has become denser and scalp is less noticeable.



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    Hi, I have been slowly loosing my hair for about 7 years now. My endoc told me that I have CTE that have triggered AGA. I have a diffuse hair loss all over the scalp, but it's more diffuse in the front (banks area). When I used to part my hair in the middle I started to notice that my partings started to get wider and wider. Also my hair line started to recede as well so I've decided to cut the bangs to cover it up. So now, when I part my hair in the middle my partings looks almost normal all over my head, except my banks area. When I lift my hair up I don't see my scalp anymore as much as I did before, but if I lift my banks up the scalp is very visible. I am concern if i ever will regrow my hair in the front, so fur I don't see any improvement in that area.

    I want to mention that besides laser comb I'm using Rogain 2%, and spiro 100ml for about 2 years now. So I'm sure that these two treatments have helped a lot with my regrowth.

    Anyway, I wish I could explain to you more clearly, but english is my second language.

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