My hair history would fill a book so I'll spare you most of it. I am a 47 y.o. male, been losing since early 20's decent hair transplant at 32 or so (am glad I did it) Have tried many things, been using minox since the times when you had to get it made up at a drug store. I got to the point about a year and a half ago that minox was so irritating to my scalp that I would lay off until my scalp was clear...use minox for one day and my scalp would break out in oozing sores (ouch!)...After just one application!

So, I went cold turkey and knew I would lose minox dependent hair...I did. I have lost a lot of coverage in the last year and a half. I have been trying everyting I could get my hands on in the mean time and it wasn't reversing the minox loss nor slowing the loss much. So I stopped most everything for a while and bite the bullet and purchesed the L.C.

Tonight will be my last LC treatment of the first month. Countable loss has decreased to around 80 per day (was as high as 140 per day at times). The 80 count has become the norm in the last week. I still use (on a rotating basis: Dr. Proctor's Proxiphen - once or twice a week, diluted Folligen 3-4 per week, Nano shampoo 4-5, Niz shampoo 1-2, now and again I will use either Emu or xtra virgin olive oil on my hair prior to going to bed, Proscar 1/4 per evening).

Whatever...since using the LC, my loss has slowed, as stated above. I do feel the warmth after use. So, is all the other stuff I use finally beating my Minox cold turkey loss or has the addition of the LC made a difference? Will the loss continue to remain relatively low or even decrease? Will I recover my Minox dependent hairs...and maybe more?

These are the questions I am looking to answer and hope to have good news to report from time to time on this forum.

Best of luck to all fellow readers,

God bless,


Question for David: I will be going from 3x per week to 2. I would like to LC treat every 3rd day, so in other words, 10 times per month...any problem with that vs say, Monday and Friday every week (8 times per month)?