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    alan Guest

    Default question about effectiveness

    hello. im weighing a purchase, and i have a question

    i am at the beginning stages of hair loss, and it is centered entirely on my temples. not above, like many people have (where it will start to form a V of the hairline), but just below that. i would like to know if the lasercomb is effective in this area. my hair is not completely gone, but is very, very, thin. id like to keep this hair, and thicken it. while i have had some full hair loss, im not entirely concerned with growing back what i have already lost.

    i plan on buying this product off of amazon (as i have quite a few amazon gift vouchers, and wouldnt be able to afford it otherwise), so i wont be able to take advantage of the partial money back guarantee. i realize that you wont tell me not to buy your product, but a straightforward answer to whether or not it will be effective for me would be very much appreciated

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    Default Hairmax Lasercomb Efficacy

    Hi alan -

    Thank you for your post.

    The HairMax LaserComb will work very well in the temple area of your scalp. When you start to use the HairMax, you will see the very thin, fine hair fall out and eventually replaced by thicker pigmented hairs. It also might not be a bad idea to treat your whole scalp with the HairMax to help promote overall better scalp health.

    We wish you the best success with the HairMax LaserComb.


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    alan Guest


    hmmm, okay. maybe a follow up question, if i may.

    how long would the strengthened hair last? also, would continued use of the laser comb keep me from losing hair on the rest of my scalp? i havent lost too much hair, and i could certainly just live with thickening the thinning parts, and keeping the rest of my hair strong, and i am wondering whether or not im going to have to take propecia to keep myself from balding on the rest of my head in the near future? is the comb just a growth enhancer (like minoxidil), or can it keep me from balding in spots where i am currently not balding (though, due to the fact im only balding on the right side, i can imagine that its only a matter of time before the left follows).

    i suppose that what im asking is that if i manage to thicken my thinning hair, will i continue to see these results for as long as i use the comb, or will i eventually continue to succumb to the male pattern baldness after the effectiveness of the comb has worn off? i would certainly be willing to use the laser comb every other day for the next 10 years (rather than take finasteride, which i cant say im too thrilled about) if it meant that i could keep the hair i have, or at least slow down the hair loss. i know that the laser comb hasnt been around long enough for you to test its long term effectiveness, but is there anything that proves that it can be effective in the long run?

    sorry for all the questions, i just like to research the god out of every major purchase i make. considering that propecia is, at the moment, my last resort option (i have heart issues, so minoxidil is not an option at all), im putting a lot of faith into the lasercomb. im just trying to gauge where my expectations should be, and honestly, im only really hoping to maintain the hair i have for as long as i can (im 22, and if i can keep my hair for 5 more years, i would consider that a resounding success. as always, your thoughtful response is appreciated more than i could say

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    Default Hairmax Lasercomb Effectiveness

    Hi alan;

    Thank you for your follow-up post.

    Use of the HairMax LaserComb all over your scalp as directed, should help to prevent fallout of hair. This is because the laser energy of the HairMax causes positive results to occur in the hair bulbs as evidenced by production of thicker, pigmented terminal hair.

    Also, as long as you continue to use the HairMax, you should continue to maintain the thickened hair that you have grown.

    We hope that you will purchase the HairMax and begin to see positive results. Now is the time when hair is thinning, to take action and start to use the HairMax.

    Thank you for your interest in the HairMax LaserComb and we wish you success in your efforts to manage your hair.


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