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Thread: Good and bad news after 6 months

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    giampa Guest

    Default Good and bad news after 6 months

    After 6 months of treatment with the Lasercomb solution following your indications, in the temporal regions of my scalp I can clearly notice the appearance of vellus hairs.
    The strength and size of the new hairs are reduced compared to the existing ones and this I think is in line with your statement
    This good news proving the effectiveness of your product (and Itís the first time I experience a regrowth in many years of usage of different topical solutions) is accompanied by a bad one: the new hairs are weaker compared to the existing ones and in the latest weeks I can find very frequently these micro hairs , 4-5 mm long on my pillow.
    I kindly ask you if this behavior specific for these micro hairs can be solved or improved with specific HairCare products or with a change in the frequency of the laser treatment

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    Default Right on track

    Dear Giampa,

    Hello and thank you for your post.

    We appreciate our users keeping us up-to-date on the status of their treatment. In reading your post, you state you have new growth in the temporal area and you're in your 6 month of treatment. Giampa, this is exactly where you should be. All of our hair growth studies are based on a 6 month period. No other hair growth product has given you these results. This goes to show you the true efficacy of our product.

    The hair grows approximately a centimeter per month, so it takes at least 3-4 months for it to grow 1 to 2 inches. For some that's noticeable, for some thats not. Your 6 month analysis assures us that the new growth is there, but keep in mind, just because you see the new growth to be small fine hairs, doesn't mean all of a sudden there going to immediately grow out stronger. Gradually with time these small fine hairs will become stronger, thicker, longer lasting hairs.

    Please stay consistent with your treatment and your results will be ongoing.


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    Singapore Guy Guest

    Default Vellus hair

    Yeah, i agreed too. I've been using hairmax for some 18months already. I experience vellus hair growing too and it is especially evident on the hairline area. But very tiny. Just like a has eventually grow into adult hair stronger and thicker already. The good news is even after 18 months of use i continue to see vellus hair sprouting and my receded hairline gets reclaimed closer to my forehead. Now, i can wear my hair backcomb and that is really cool.
    One thing worth mentioning is especially after i have added He Shou Wu (a chinese herb well known for its restorative effects on hair) to my diet for 3 months, i began to see an overwheming increase of new vellus hair on my hairline. I can wait to see that these vellus hair will turn into adult hair quickly and i can wear my hair in a new style again.

    Hope my sharing would help as hair loss is really very furstrating.

    Singapore Guy

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    Singapore Guy Guest


    Oh, i have forgotten to ask one thing.
    When i first started using Lasermax 18 months ago, i used it every other day. Then, around a year later...its like 2x a week. However, in recent months, i am using Lasercomb like once a week sometimes or like 3 times in two week.

    Would like to ask that is it alright to taper down the usage to once a week after i have been on the treatment for 18 months already?


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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Could you contact me (i m in Singapore)

    hi i read with interest on the progress that you have made in using this Hair Max comb. Could you contact me at to share/discuss more on your experience. Thanks

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    spaje Guest

    Default Length of treatment

    Based on these responses, it seems like for the comb to work, it really takes up to a year of treatment to have full hair growth come back. Is this true? I have been using it for 6 weeks now and don't see too much of a difference. My hair is a bit shinier, but doesn't seem to be getting thicker and I don't see any re-growth starting... Please advise

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    Default Response to Spaje

    Hello Spaje and thanks for your post,

    6 weeks in is a bit early to be seeing re-growth. However, if you are noticing that your hair is "shinier" as you described, this is a positive sign that the HairMax is working for you.

    Noticing increased shine is an early indication that the laser light is "nourishing" you hair follicles. You should soon begin to experience decreased fallout, followed by re-growth.

    Generally, it takes at least 8-12 weeks to experience re-growth, but in many cases, it takes longer than this...

    Again, as per our indications, most users (90%) will experience positive benefits within 16 weeks. "Increased shine" is one of them, and is a good indicator of what is to come from your treatments.

    Remember to keep using the HairMax on a consistent basis!

    Lexington International

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    danny dy Guest

    Post hairmax

    i am 34 i start having hair loss like a 2 years ago and after i used revivogen for a month my hair is tart to get really oily every day i have to wash it it really not working rivivogen at all and it make it worse , now i really want to use the hairmax but i am so scared that will make my hair oily too , bc i heard some users start to get really oily hair after using hairmax , plzzzzzzzzz replay i need ur advice

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    Default Oily Hair

    Hi danny dy -

    Thank you for your post

    The HairMax LaserComb will not in any way cause hair to become oily. That said, it is possible that the oily condition is developing from your follicles becoming less clogged while you are using the HairMax, but excess oiliness is not something that the HairMax causes directly.

    We wish you success with the HairMax LaserComb.


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