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Thread: Hard to do even 10 mins

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    Default Hard to do even 10 mins

    I have been using the laser comb premium for about 3-4 weeks now. Instructions say to do for 10-15 mins.

    I wanted to say that following the instructions on using the comb on your head, I find it hard to do this for even 10 mins - I go through my head TWICE following the beeps and gliding it very slowly by a SMALL distance and yet it comes up to about 7-8 mins.

    I feel I maybe doing something wrong and will not see the potential benefits. First when I was reading on how to use it online (before purchasing) I was not too clear how I'm supposed to use it - but thought that since they provide the DVD it will show it clearly, on how to use it. However it is the same instructions as the paper info.

    Many people on the forum are finding problems on using it.

    Why don't you guys put up a proper video on your website showing EXACTLY how it is supposed to be used - doesnt have to be a 10-15 min video - just where we place it on our scalp first, how we move it to the next position on the head (eg sides), how we go from sides back to top etc etc.. Just someone showing EXACTLY how to use it.

    On the instructions it says we go from sides back to top...BUT wouldn't this be going WITH the direction of hair growing..(You say we are supposed to use it AGAINST the direction)... Very confusing.

    This will only benefit you guys... As, if more and more people know and start using it the proper way, then they will most likely see best results and SPREAD THE WORD ON THE PRODUCT MORE!!

    Sorry for long post... but I have seen many people on here who are finding the instructions a bit confusing and hard to follow.

    Waiting eagerly for your reply. Thanks

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    Default Proper Use Of The Hairmax

    Hi ihmf -

    Thank you for the post-

    We try to provide instructions on the use of the HairMax LaserComb that give the best overall guidelines for proper use. The instructions say to use the device for 10 - 15 minutes, but the length of use depends on the area of coverage you need. The HairMax only needs to be applied to each affected area once at each application so the coverage is the most important consideration not a fixed time to accomplish it.

    The key to proper use is to be sure that the 'teeth' on the HairMax part the hair for maximum penetration of the laser light to the scalp. Therefore, it does not matter which way you use the device as long as the hair is parted when the laser light is applied.

    Thank you again for you suggestions as far as a video and we will take your comments into consideration, but we do not want to be too detailed. Rather, we want to impart the basic instructions so that people can use the device based on their individual needs as far as time of use and method.

    We wish you continued success with the HairMax LaserComb.


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    I just read this post and now I read what another administrator answered for the same question and I am confused. On this post the admin says that maybe the process should be repeated 2-3 times but you just said that it doesn't matter as long as you cover each hair area once. Would it hurt doing the process 2-3 times covering the same areas as the other administrator suggested?

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    Default Hairmax Usage

    Hi BVS -

    Thank you for your post.

    The main consideration is using the HairMax LaserComb is to be sure that each affected site is exposed to the laser energy of the device and this is not an 'exact science'. If you feel that you need to go over the sites 2 or 3 times to assure complete coverage this is OK, but the main goal should be to expose each site 3 times a week to the laser energy.

    The way the HairMax LaserWorks is by stimulating the hair follicle to produce terminal hair from exposure to the laser light at each site for 4 seconds. The guidelines for use as far as time of application is simply that - a guideline - it is up to each individual user to do whatever they feel is necessary to gain exposure. There are no problem in using the device more rather than less than the guidelines suggest - it is up to you the user.


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