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    blossoms_wear Guest

    Default Impressed by the results of device


    im male of 25 years, I have been losing my hairs since 3 years . I also have itching in my scalp, my scalp is too oily and I used to shampoo my hairs daily, do the device help in removing itching? my question is, can "Hair Max Laser Comb" work for oily scalp? Please do answer me as im planning to purchase the device. Should I shampoo my hair daily when I start using the "Hair Max".

    One more question please:

    Can you tell me the authorized DISTRIBUTER here in Pakistan from where I can get the device.


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    Default Itching Scalp

    Hi blossoms_wear -

    Thank you for your post. While the HairMax LaserComb is not indicated to treat itching conditions of the scalp, many users have reported less itching and improvement in their dandruff condition while using the HairMax. We also suggest that you purchase the HairMax Shampoo and Conditioner as these products are designed to work well with the HairMax. These products are only available on the web site:

    The distributor in Pakistan is:

    Snowfield Global (Pvt) Ltd
    2nd Floor Islamabad Private Hospital
    Zahoor Plaza Blue Area - Jinnah Avenue
    Islamabad, Pakistan
    Tel: + 92 51 287 8677

    We wish you success in your use of the HairMax Lasercomb.


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    Unregistered Guest

    Smile Hi

    I am loosing my hairs quickly & i want to purchase Hairmax Lasercomb.
    I searched the contact no of Hairmax Distributer from ur authorised web site but when i contact the no 051 287 8677, they replied that is not the conserned no for u.
    That no belongs to to Dr Humyon.
    How i can contact to the distributers.
    Reply must

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    Default Hairmax Distributor - Pakistan

    The phone number listed for our distributor in Pakistan is in fact correct.

    If you are looking for other distributors please go to the web site:

    This link will provide the contact information for all or our international distributors.


    Visit the website:
    Follow us:
    Access the HairMax Blog:

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    shama Guest

    Default question

    i just wnna know is the HoerMax fibers too, available at ur dstributors in Pakistan?

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    Default Hairmax Hair Fibers

    Hi shama -

    Thank you for your post.

    The HairMax Hair Fibers are not available in interntional markets unless they are ordered in conjunction with the HairMax LaserComb on line at, as shipping costs are prohibitive.

    Thank you for your interest in the HairMax Hair Fibers.


    Visit the website:
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    Access the HairMax Blog:

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    helpplz Guest


    hey is there Authorized Distributors to hairmax in egypt if yes were and whats there number thnxx

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