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Thread: 2 Hairmax Lasercombs?

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    Default 2 Hairmax Lasercombs?

    There are 2 Hairmax Lasercombs to choose from, the SE and the Premium. Is the Premium lasercomb worth the extra money?

    Thanks for the responses if ever...


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    Default Hairmax Lasercombs

    Hi andrewmoquin -

    Thank you for your post -

    In the United States, only the HairMax LaserComb Premium is marketed. In other countries we market both the Premium and SE model. The choice as far as which device to purchase is based on how much coverage needed to treat. For small areas the SE with 5 lasers may be sufficient and for more extensive areas the 9 beam Premium may be a better choice.

    All models of the HairMax LaserComb are highly cost effective as they are a one time purchase and both have an expected life of over 10 years.


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