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    I have been using the lasercomb for one month now. I have a receding hairline in front around the temples only; My girl has been using the comb too for a month as she has diffuse thinning on the top of her head. We have been very dilligent - each combing the other's entire head for an average of 8 miunutes 3 x week; we have not noticed any improvement of any kind yet.... this lack of change has been unanimously confirmed by our dermatologist, internist, my hairdresser, her haridresser and two of our friends... we want this to work so badly that we have decided that we need to have "professionals" look at our baseline condition and monthly thereafteret in order to get an accurate appraisal of the comb's effects

    Seems DM is a nice guy who believes in his product---- based on this I am continuing to use the product as is my girl... we are hoping to see results... if neither one of us sees any results by the 10th week we have decided to return it prior to the 12th week.


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    Default 1 month usage

    Hi Thanks for your posting.

    You have only been using the LaserComb ‘1 month’. Please understand this our HairMax is not a miracle device and for a fair evaluation you need to use it over a 3 month period and have realistic expectations.



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