I'm a 20-year-old female that noticed signs of hair loss over 2 years ago. Only about 6 months ago though did I start looking for remedies. For about 4 months, I tried massaging mixtures of essential oils that were supposed to fight hair loss but saw no success. Then, I purchased Hairmax's lasercomb 2 months ago (June 2009) hoping to slow down hair loss with regular use. I can't say I saw any results with the lasercomb during my first 2 full months of usage until I switched to an organic shampoo just 3 weeks ago. It was after discovering in online articles the harms of the chemicals in our regular drugstore shampoos, that I realized I had to try a sulfate-free shampoo. I wish I'd found out what difference organic shampoo had on my scalp sooner! I'm getting less dandruff (I used to have none before experiencing hair loss) and I now pick up way fewer strands of hair from my bathroom floor.
I'm still using the laser comb in hopes of stimulating (speeding up) new growth and my hopes are high.
I urge you all to look up the effects of SLS in shampoos and maybe going organic's also (a part of) the solution for you.