Ok I have been using hairmax LC premium for around 3 months now ,before I started using it I had what I thought was dandruff that I would never get rid of but 3 month with the comb and my scalp health is good and no dandruff at all, but no new thick hair growth yet however under lamp light I can see very fine blonde hair in a perfect hairline shape so I know the folicles there are not dead yet and therefore there is a window of opitunity for them to get thicker.

My question is, will the fine blonde hairs always stay thin and not noticable or will they thicken up over time?

I will say though this hairmax comb could be marketed as an anti dandruff unit by itself, and I will always use it now just for that reason, even if hair did not get thicker, I will look at progress again at 6 months and then 1 year