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Thread: can I get some advice on using the comb.

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    Default can I get some advice on using the comb.

    I read in the book that you should do 2 complete passes over the entire scalp. I comb from the centre of my head all the way back and then I do the same on left side top of my head and then right side top. so im going over the top of my head 3 times. Is this a bad idea? does the comb reach the left and right sides anyway should I just go down the centre twice? Im worried about over exposing my hair. Ive only been going over each area once per treatment to begin with as I hadnt read the book will up this to twice from next treatment. Thanks in advance.

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    Dear Jack,

    Hello. Thank you for your posting. The ones who attain the most benefits are the ones who use it properly.

    We recommend using the LaserComb twice per week, no more than 3 times a week maiximum on a clean scalp. Spacing the days apart. It does not matter if your hair is completely dry or only towel-dry.

    We suggest the following technique:
    1) Place the LaserComb on a spot and leave it there for five seconds.
    2) Shift it over 1/2 in , hold it inplace for five seconds, move back another 1/2 inch (front to back is easiest)
    3) We recommend two complete passes over the treatment area.

    The entire process should take up to ten to fifteen minutes.

    Lexington Int'l

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