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Thread: who are the people that dont respond to laser thearapy?

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    jack Guest

    Default who are the people that dont respond to laser thearapy?

    Im wondering my chances of being in the 5 percent it dosnt work for.
    I have a full head of hair but it has thinned out a bit maybe more noticible to myself than to others who may not notice. but I wonder are these five percent to far gone? or can they be anyone? I mean whats the reason? extreme levles of dht? any information you can give me would be appreciated.

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    Dear Jack,

    Hello and thank you for your posting. Unfortunately, there is nothing in this world that works for everyone 100% of the time. You mentioned that they may be too far along, that is true in some cases, other reasons include: using more than one product, what we call a "cocktail of modalites", health, hormonal, hereditary, etc, etc. That is why Lexington Int'l offers such a generous money-back guarantee.

    Lexington Int'l

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    jack Guest


    its frustrating not knowing and waiting. I wish I could fast forward 6 months and see if things work out for me or not

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    DaveL Guest



    Don't be frustrated. The LaserComb has been shown to work in the vast majority of men and women who have tried it and also who have been patients in multiple studies done on laser treatements.

    Consider this: If you were to 'split' yourself into multiple 'Jack's' and begin treatments with all the various products on the market at the same time, you might spend hundreds of dollars over the course of 3 to 5 months with those other products and, if you did not see results you were satisfied with, the money would be gone.

    With LaserComb, if you are not completly satisfied, you'll get your money back and at least you'll be happy for that.

    93 out of 100 people who try the LaserComb are satisfied. Odds are that you will be satisfied with the improvements in your hair, too!

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