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    I recently ordered a Lasercomb and have been using it for a week. I have to say that my hair looks different, not thicker or thinner, but different. Anyway, I was wondering why the directions for using the lasercomb you provide are different than what the study published says its patients did. They used it every other day and got those results. Your directions say to use is 3 times a week for the first 4 weeks and 2 times a week after that. Which should I do and why are there different directions?


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    The LaserComb is more than a product, it is a therapy. The 'window' for successful treatment with the LaserComb is very wide. Some people get great results with just one or two treatments a week. Others need two to three treatments a week. While there are no harmful effects from using the LaserComb for more than 2 to 3 times a week, your hair won't respond as well if you were to use it every day. That's because your hair becomes used to the unique energy from the laser light and doesn't respond as it does to the recommended therapy.

    Therapy with the LaserComb is very much like exercise. You will get great results by going to the gym two or three times a week. By going less, the results are not as good. By going more, you are really not getting the best response your body can give.

    Turning the hair thinning process around takes time, but you should see definite improvements within 12 weeks. If not, we always extend the money-back guarantee for another 8 weeks - that's approximately 5 months of using the LaserComb under the HairMax money-back guarantee. Who else gives you that much time to evaluate a product?
    93 out of 100 people see improvements in their hair and make the decision to keep the LaserComb.

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