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08-09-2005, 09:00 AM
The HairMax LaserComb is a patented laser device developed from 20 years of Clinical Research & Development. The concept behind the HairMax LaserComb originated from an Australian Laser Clinic operated by one of the designers of the LaserComb. Through years of direct experience with thousands of users, we developed the LaserComb to exacting specifications. We utilized our knowledge and experience to establish usage protocols that have clinically demonstrated successful results.

Lexington Int LLC takes great pride in our manufacturing processes, customer services, and satisfaction guarantees. We are an ISO Quality Assured company and comply with all Good Manufacturing Practices, CE regulations, and Better Business Bureauís Code of commercial ethics.

During our many years of research at Lexington, we have been able to evaluate many different laser wavelengths and power outputs. The beneficial effects of lasers are very specific to wavelength and total energy delivered during the application of a treatment. The results of our research are incorporated into the design and usage parameters of the HairMax LaserComb. No other product being offered comes close to providing the same treatment routine as the HairMax LaserComb.

Two products that have recently appeared on the internet are the Lasertron Brush and the Photonic Laser. Lexington purchased two of these devices to closely evaluate them. We would first like to say, they both employ technology that directly infringes upon our patents and we are taking appropriate legal action to protect our patents and Intellectual Property rights.

The HairMax LaserComb is proudly manufactured in the United States. The Lasertron is manufactured in China, and the Photonic laser device does not indicate where it is made.

Both the Lasertron and the Photonic Laser contain a very low powered laser, barely visible to the eye. Their specifications even state that they use a class 1a laser, which places both products in the weakest laser classification. They both utilize similar low power laser diodes that are then split using a bundle of plastic fiber optic cable.When we researched and designed techniques to beam split a laser module we came across plastic fiber optics but opted not to pursue that route because of the problems inherent with using fiber optics. When a laser beam is passed through a plastic fiber approximately40% of the input power is transferred to the output end. Additionally, the light diverges quickly as it leaves the fiber requiring the actual fibers to be in contact with the source the light is shining on. The output that we measured from both devices was less than 1/4 of a mW per beam.

The LaserComb utilizes a unique patented beam splitting mirrored zig-zag technique which is highly efficient. Each of our 9 beams are approximately 8 times more powerful than the beams produced by the other two devices. The LaserComb delivers the optimum power and wavelength of light to promote maximum results.

Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware), If you do make the purchase of either of these two products please evaluate the quality and strength of the beams. The laser needs to be very visible, brilliant in color and have a noticeable speckling effect to produce results.

It is very disheartening for us that these products mask themselves as copies of the HairMax LaserComb when in fact they are very different. We are concerned that buyers will relate their experience and non-results to that of the LaserComb.

Lexington Int LLC is devoted to positive user satisfaction, we go to great lengths to make sure customers are satisfied with their purchase and understand how best to use the LaserComb. We are very proud to state that in over 4 Ĺ years of LaserComb sales the Better Business Bureau only received one customer communication about us and that was an objection to the restocking fee we have on a return. This is a strong testament to our commercial ethics.

Lastly, we are committed to producing a high quality product suitable for use for numerous years. The HairMax LaserComb has an estimated life span of 10+ years. We will extend our warranty to 2 years upon request. Furthermore, if there is physical damage or mechanical damage outside of the warranty period, we will replace the LaserComb at any time for a minimal fixed fee.

Please feel free to contact our knowledgeable staff for any further inquiries that you may have.


Lexington International LLC

08-12-2005, 03:06 AM
Thanks for the update. It was very informative. I think you could make an even stronger case and make us potential consumers less confused if you could comment a little bit more on the head to head comparison that photonic research profiles on its website.

Although your name is no longer listed,the price of USD 645 tell us that you are competitor no 1. In regard to this comparison, let us take their best prodcut laser 900, I note the following:

it has 9 lasers, you have 1
it offers Led's at 5 level pulse power and intensity - you do not - but If I remember correctly Led's is a different treatment than LLLT with less scientific evidence?
Then it also offers magnetic theraphy and ionic theraphy. Again I guess there are no proof for how these treatment would work, but they are added for no extra cost compared to your product.

But the main assessment should be regarded to the LLLT features. Care to comment on the 9 lasers vs. 1 laser for you. I recall that you mentioned in an earlier post that the photonic laser measured under 1 milliwat and your is 4-5 milliwats with 9 laserbeams. It should give 9 times more laser energy.

However, I have read in a thread that a customer of yours have checked his comb and it states that the maximum output is 3mW per beam! Care to comment this difference?

Further, how came they state that they have 9 lasers and you have one - are the number of lasers different than the number of laserbeams?

Finally, any plans to make the lasercomb cordless? That would eliminate any problems with cord's, voltage, switching adapters when travelling etc. Or would that somehow make the product too expensive or less effective?

I hope to hear from you soon. I think that many people would be interesting in a reply to the above.



08-29-2005, 11:43 AM
How much is the minimal fixed fee?



09-08-2005, 12:58 PM
Dear Martin,

Hello and thank you for your post and your continued interest.

Photonic's head to head comparison is an attempt to mislead consumers and also highlight features that their product has. The comparison neglects to highlight any features that the HairMax LaserComb possesses that the Photonic Laser does not.

First, the Laser 900 does not offer LED's. It does offer different pulse power and intensity levels but this still does not make a treatment from the Laser 900 more efficacious then one from the HairMax LaserComb because it is not delivering the proper dosage of laser light. Lexington has spent many years studying and experimenting with wavelengths and dosages of light and we have come to the conclusion that what we offer is the most effective treatment available. The parameters studied and chosen include duration of treatment, wavelength of treatment, power output / energy dosage of treatment, and pulsed vs steady laser output. We even went as far as studying the differences between using LED's instead of Lasers as an energy source.

When looking at the specific number of "lasers" in each product the consumer must consider exactly what is being described. The Laser 900 claims to have nine lasers whereas the HairMax LaserComb only has one. We use a patented beam splitting technique to divide our one strong laser beam output into nine beams that are still three to five times stronger then the beams being output by the Laser 900. The Laser 900 uses fiber optics to distribute ONE laser beam into 9 separate beams. We investigated this technique and found that too much energy was lost during this beam splitting process. Additionally, once the laser light emerges from the fiber it diverges immediately, thus losing some of its "laser" characteristics.

Given the nature of semi-conductor laser modules, no one beam on our product produces the same power output. Because of the quality of the parts we use, the beam profile, or distribution of energy across the laser beam of the laser module, is more uniform then our competitors. I mentioned that the photonic laser measured less than 1 mW per beam. Actually some beams measure under 1 mW, and some beams were even an order of magnitude weaker then that.

Since we are using a patented reflective mirror to beam split our laser beam, we are able to tune the individual beams for more uniform power outputs. However, the beams towards the middle will tend to have slightly higher outputs (around 4 mW) and the beams on the ends will have slightly lower outputs (3mW.)

We have fielded many questions and comments about making the HairMax LaserComb cordless. Over 18 months ago we changed power adapters offered with the HairMax LaserComb to a universal adapter that will work worldwide. All that is needed is a pin adapter so the plug will be able to fit into the native power receptacle of each country. We carry these pin adapters and supply them to our customers at no cost. The reason we have opted not to switch to a cordless unit is that we like our product to be sealed with no user serviceable parts. The HairMax LaserComb is designed to last a lifetime, but currently there are no batteries on the market that would be able to last as long as our product. Therefore, we use an external power adapter. If the power adapter fails over time, it is a very easy part to replace without having to return the LaserComb for repair.


09-08-2005, 01:01 PM
Hello Andy,

Thank you for your post. A minimal fee to repair and/or replace your unit over the warranty period would be approximately $150.00 US. We believe this is an adequate and fair price.


09-08-2005, 09:57 PM
[color=black][font=Arial][size=3]Lastly, we are committed to producing a high quality product suitable for use for numerous years. The HairMax LaserComb has an estimated life span of 10+ years. We will extend our warranty to 2 years upon request.

How would one go about receiving this warranty extension? Can it be ensured before ordering?

Thanks for your help,

09-14-2005, 01:41 PM
Dear Trent,

Hello and thank you for your post. The one year warranty automatically comes with purchase of the unit. To obtain the extension on the warranty, we simply ask that you contact us on or before the 1 year expiration date.