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    We just received this great HairMax LaserComb testimonial from a user of the device in Canada on our Facebook site, and thought we would share it with you.

    Mr. B.T., writes, "I've been using your Hairmax LaserComb since late November 2010 and I've already seen a significant regrowth (maybe at least 35-40%)on the top and crown of my head. Your product is truly incredible in terms of its efficacy. I won't be surprised that after another year of usage, I see anywhere between 65-90% regrowth. This product, the result of photo-biological research is truly astounding and worth every penny."

    This further reinforces the advice to have patience when using the HairMax and be sure to stick with using it, as results vary from individual to individual, and that continued improvement can occur well beyond the 6 month evaluation point.


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