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    This is an amazing product. My background:I'm 22 my hair starting thinning about 2 years ago and I had it short ever since. I didn't lose that much hair but my hair thinned out to a point where you can see through my hair. Using this laser in conjunction with a cleanser shampoo has given me an amazing result. I can remember my hair and the way it felt before it started thinning because my scalp is just healthier, my hair just looks soo good. It has also become fuller. Basically all I have to say is that this is great! It has really exceeded my expectations.


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    Dear Mr. Happy,

    We are always so glad to hear positive results from our customers. Please keep us posted as to your progress!


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    Mr Happy tell me what you think after using it for 6 months as thats when i started to really notice a huge improvement.Well done.


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