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    Leg366 Guest

    Default 13 weeks

    I have been using the lasercomb for 13 weeks and there is a dramatic improvement. The regrown hairs are of course quite short and will take a while to grow out but the bald areas have all filled in with little short hairs. I had been using other products for over a year and I am slowly starting to wean off of them. I just got a haircut and will continue to work to even out the length by getting regular trims. You can still see the thin areas fom the top and if you look closely from the back but it is much less noticeable than before.

    I just want to thank the makers becuase I have been socially paralyzed by my hair loss and am starting to go out again. I still think nearly nonstop about my hair and whether other people notice. I can't wait for it to grow out to the point that I am not so self-conscious. This is the worst thing that has everhappened to me and I am so grateful for the lasercomb for the progress I have made so far.

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    Anonymous Guest

    Default hi

    I am reporting back at 17 weeks-- and will do so monthly since I am seeing great results. I am also using a myriad of other products which I am afraid to stop but I believe it is the lasercomb accelerating the rate of recovery of my scalp to a normal condition. There is a shrinking area on the left frontal side of my head that is still slighly irritated and the hair is not growing in that thickly. The side of my head and top are still thin but they are about twice to three times the hair thickness I had about 2 years ago. As the scalp beomes less red, oily and irritated little stubble of regrowth has started to come in.

    good luck to everyone !

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    Buddahmonk Guest


    So the bald patches, we're they completely bald 'no hair' and did this grow back? You say your bald area have filled in with short hairs 'regrown hairs'

    Are you saying where once there was no hair growing at all that now there is?

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    Anonymous Guest

    Default hi

    yes, there were almost completely bald patches. Even before lasercomb a kind of prickly stubble (yuk) was starting to appear in some areas. Now I have no bald spots, only areas with supershort hair. It grow pretty slowly but some of it is now about 4 inches long. I'm not complaining I'm celebrating about the new hair-- it is just a little frustrating how it is all different lengths now.


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    Anonymous Guest

    Default what do you use?

    Hey mate,

    I was just wondering what else it is that you use besides the lasercomb.



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    Anonymous Guest


    do you still get hair shed along with the regrowth? or did it reduce/stop?

    thanks for sharing your results

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    Anonymous Guest

    Default hi

    (I don't think I mentioned I'm a woman, don't mind being called mate though and not that it matters much for these purposes, except it seems there is more to offer to men with hairloss) Happy to tell you anything that could be helpful.

    here is my regimen: in addition to lasercomb

    Revivogen shampoo daily, sometimes 2x/daily
    Nizoral shampoo 1% 3x/week
    Tricomin conditioner
    Organics tea tree and emerald cypress conditioners
    tricomin blue spray every day
    at night: crinagen spray/skinoren cream
    alternating with folligen cream every other night
    about 2 g of omega 3 fatty acids a day
    1% hydrocortisone cream for severe scalp irritation, < 5 days at a time
    Low carbohydrate diet
    I started biotin and MSM recently too.
    I tried but unfortunately cannot tolerate Fe.

    labs all normal (androgens, thyroid, blood counts )

    I have not had much shedding that I can remember, in fact I hardly remember losing my hair probably because for years I didn't brush it because it hurt and there was so little of it anyway. There have always been a few in the shower-- but I always thought-- you can't put much stock in counting hairs bc losing 50-100 a day is normal so I never counted.


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    Anonymous Guest

    Default 21 week followup from leg

    Hi, reporting back at 21 weeks.

    There continues to be fairly rapid improvement in my hair's quality and quantity. The supershort hairs are growing in-- there is still one small spot on each side of my head where from the top in bright light you can see my scalp under the supershort new hair-- but I think as the new hairs grow longer it will become less and less visible as it has in the back-- where on the vertex it is covered with new, sleek healthy 3-4 inch hairs (started growing back before laser comb but have accelerated.) About 90% of my scalp now has a normal feel and color to it-- bright healthy white- not pink, shiny itchy dry or irritated. This is a huge improvement in my scalp-- superdramatic. It is still little tender in the especially thin/short areas, but not nearly as painful as it was, when I couldn't brush it and in desperation was putting cortisone cream all over my head.

    my hair is approaching "cosmetically acceptable" which is a subjective term but to me means that I don't have that near suicidal feeling when I look in the mirror- do not have to wear hats or hair coverings- and even think that some people might not notice it unless they are superclose ( and I don't let anyone get superclose.) If I wear a barrette or ponytail the problem is nearly completely invisible. My plan is to facilitate the new hairs growing in in layers and grow my hair to shoulder length. This has inspired me to take better care of myself physically in general in all sorts of other ways. I am more and more hopeful every day that I am going to regrow all of my hair-- which was never superthick-- but it will be enough for me. I saw a photo of myself from Oct 2002 which I think was even before I started revivogen and it was horrific how little hair I had, compared to now. About a quarter of what I have now I would say.

    I am still using my cumbersome regimen-- and in fact have been trying new conditioners. I would just hope that the rest of you can have success too- with this devastating problem- I am proof that it is possible. There seem to be a few others who are reporting excellent results but it definitey seems to be after at least 4 months that the benefits kick in. You gotta hang in there.

    I will continue the updates-- I know how important it has been for me to hear anything positive at all.


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    Anonymous Guest

    Default hi 25 weeks

    and improvement continues. I have a shorter haircut to help the new hairs grow in more cosmetically-- and the condition of my scalp continues to improve although it continues to be irritated and slightly itchy in the thin patches on either side of my head. It is odd but the place that was the thinnest at the vertex/crown in the back is the most improved (?)

    Good luck to all and will continue the reports.


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    indianscent Guest

    Default hi

    glad to hear you've been benefiting from it. I'm not totally satisfied with mine, maybe I'm using it less than I should? Do you use it 3 times a week? It's my 13th week using it and I am doing 2 times a week. i remember when I was using it for 3 times a week, i was benefiting greatly.

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    Anonymous Guest


    thanks forthe support actually yes I do usually end up using it 3xweek.

    Obviously the short hairs will take a while to grow in so don't get discouraged-- the benefits are not always going to be initially a huge cosmetic improvement, but the places my hair has filled and grown into the right length look great-- almost normal- indistinguishable from the rest of my hair in the back which was always OK but has thickened considerably.. Hang in and post updates for moral support!


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    Leg366 Guest

    Default hi its me leg at about 29 weeks (over 7m!)

    and I'm checking in.

    I continue to see significant improvements. The hair is growing quite fast and is in the best condition in about 5 or 6 years. I am going to grow out the layers that have been cut in order to help the new hairs blend in with the old.

    The hairline and back of my head are most improved. The vertex has grown a lot of new hair that is coming in nice and thick and covering surprisingly well. The area right behind my crown on either side of my part still has scalp visible-- although there is definitely new short dark hair that is about 1/4- 1/2 inch long and which I keep hoping will grow in as fast as possible. The density on the top of head in general is still too thin for my liking but it is greatly improved except in those two spots. I think there are a lot of new hairs just sprouting diffusely all over that are not really long enough to cover scalp yet. I can feel them if I run my fingers through the hair close to my scalp.

    anyway-- I have not stopped any products- still too scared-- would love to know if anyone has successfully tapered off anything after success with the lasercomb.

    best of luck--


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    AMY761 Guest

    Default your regiment? leg366

    I had a question about your regiment? I am also a female and was wondering about the shampoo do you wash with revivogen four days a week and then nizoral three? Then I am confused on the three different kinds of creams and sprays you use and when? Can you explain please. I know annoying question but I have been using the comb and haven’t seen much result so I wanted to add something to it. Thanks amy

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    Leg366 Guest

    Default hi amy

    no problem.

    you didn't mention how long you have been using it-- hang in-- it can take a while.

    current regimen:

    Lasercomb 3x/week 25 min after shower ( 7 + months)
    revivogen shampoo 7 days a week.
    nizoral shampoo (wash hair twice in a day) 1% 4 days a week.
    tricomin conditioner
    organics tea tree and emerald cypress conditioner mixed in with tricomin
    daily-- tricomin blue spray
    nightly-- 4 nights a week crinagen spray with skinoren cream (azelaic acid)
    the other 3 nights a week folligen cream with a tiny bit of emu oil in irritated spots
    no styling aids unless extremely special occasion
    if scalp is irritated night off from products and/or 1%hydrocortisone cream to irritation

    2 g omega 3 fatty acids
    centrum performance
    flaxseed oil 1000 mg
    MSM 5000 mg
    biotin 7500 mg
    Ca Mg Zinc combo
    IP 6/ inositol

    good luck,


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    Anonymous Guest

    Default lasercomb

    Hi, Im 27 & have been losing hair for 10 years. Im finally ready to do something about it & went to a derm & endocrynologist a couple of months ago. All my tests were normal, so im wondering If I should start with the lasercomb right away without any other products, or should I use other products as well. All the names of products you are using are foreign to me. Ive nevr heard of anything other than rogaine. Im really encouraged by all the opositive feedback I see on the site. I hope Im not getting ahead of my self, just to be dissapointed in the end. Please, if you can, describe what it is you are contributing your improvement to

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    DaveL Guest


    The best way to judge the effectiveness of the LaserComb is to use it by itself. While Leg has an impressive regimen of supplements, shampoos and conditioners, they all may be unnecessary to getting healthy hair if you have a LaserComb. She will have to tell you how costly that regimen can be on a regular usage basis.
    Since you have never used other products, we recommend you start off with the LaserComb and use it by itself for the full money-back guarantee period of 12 weeks. If you need more time to evaluate your progress, we always extend the guarantee an additional 8 weeks. That's 20 weeks or 5 months of using the LaserComb under the guarantee. In that time alone, you could have spent hundreds of dollars on other products that are not necessary to having healthy hair. Factored out over 10 years or more, that can be thousands of dollars you can save by just using the LaserComb alone.

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    Leg366 Guest

    Default gosh silverj

    that is a very hard question. Since I have been aggressively treating my hairloss since spring/summer 02-- and the improvement initially was slow--I definitely think the lasercomb has been a huge contributor. My opinions are just that--opinions-- so you need to make these decisions for yourself based on your situation.

    I quit a hell job in part because of the stress and it's effect on my hair. This has had a big role too.

    I have found my regimen through trial and error-- and it is very hard to know what to attribute to what. I think every month I learn a little more about it, just from seeing what happens. So what I am saying is-- it's your own journey-- get informed-- pick a course and stick with it until you've given it a fair shot. The lasercomb company recommends just using the lasercomb alone. but you have to wash/condition your hair, right? Try to pick ones that you think support your progress. Personally I perhaps have gone overboard with my regimen but as you can probably tell I am absolutely hellbent on getting back my hair. Hairloss has devastated me and I want my life back.


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    Hello Leg,

    I'm sure you have had a long journey with hairloss, and guess what it keeps going. Hairloss is an ongoing treatment and like Dave says can end up costing you thousands of dollars in the end.


    I agree with Dave, we believe the LaserComb is effective all by itself. If you are not using any other products, then allow the LaserComb a fair chance. I also agree with Leg that you do need to shampoo and condition your hair, why not use a product that will enhance your treatment. Lexington Int'l has developed a new line of HairCare products, shampoo, conditioner and the enzyme cleaner. These products are made with all natural ingredients, aloe vera and sulfate free. It's a great regimen to use with the HairMax LaserComb. We sell them as a set of 3 for $30.00 (Includes shipping).


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    Leg366 Guest

    Default hi

    it is more than 8 months and I continue to see improvements.

    My hair is growing pretty quickly-- and the new very short hairs are filling in the sparse areas on top. My part still looks pretty wide and bad-- but at least I can now part my hair and the rest of my hair actually looks OK.The most noticeable thing is that the condition of my scalp gets better and better--and because of that I know all those little stubby hairs are going to grow in; many of them already have. The hairline looks great there are all these new hairs there and the back and sides are basically back to a normal thickness.

    good luck,


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